Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization

With the birth of the internet, everything changed. That includes the marketing world. Soon enough, getting ranked high in Google searches became the ultimate rat race. In that race we’ve been through the days of back pages filled with nonsense keywords. Then Google update after Google update making online marketing teams scramble to adjust their site’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Despite all of this, some companies still think that SEO isn’t necessary for their industry. But the reality is that if a company doesn’t have a website in the modern market they’re not rising to their true potential. And if that website isn’t visible, then it’s not doing the work that it should for the brand. Other ways that online marketers make a website relevant include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

What is SEO?
SEO is a series of tactics that are used to make our website more visible in relevant search engine results. These tactics include work both done on the website pages and off-site. Any SEO program is aimed at driving traffic to our website that will convert to sales, clients, etc. Good SEO can even help us rise above our competition in search results, making us the biggest game in town.

How is SEM different from SEO?
SEM is the placement of targeted advertisements related to specific keyword phrases. Paid ads will only be seen by those who are in a certain location and demographic area. The ads are shown before search results and we will only pay each time a visitor clicks through using that ad. This is one of the most popular strategies as you only pay for the leads that you get.

Never Forget Social Media
In the current online marketing climate it is absolutely crucial to have a social media presence. SMM can be used to expand our reach and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have paid advertisements for a more established marketing program. Building a brand is a lot easier when putting a personality behind it on social channels.

All of these moving aspects of online marketing work together to build a brand into a big player in their market. To start building an online presence SEO, SEM, and SMM are the first three places to start after implementing our functional web design.