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The Importance of Jingle Production

If you’re wondering about the importance of jingle production in your business take a second to read these names to yourself and not think of their associated tunes:

  • Nationwide
  • Old Spice
  • Kit Kat
  • Folger’s
  • Subway’s “Five Dollar Footlong”


Just reading these names brings the association of the jingle to your brain. If you’re a whistler you may have even tried to get that Old Spice tune down before you even read this sentence. The point is that jingles can define a brand and make you think about them more. Sometimes having a fantastic product or service isn’t good enough. The way a business is marketed is what decides how you get those sales. With the over saturated market for nearly everything available you have to get your name to stand out among others. If the best part of waking up is Folger’s Coffee then I’m going to dump out my sub-par coffee I have been drinking to switch over to Folger’s. There’s no telling the effects a jingle could have for you if you market it correctly.

Lucky Samurai Jingle

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Why it works…

The power of a jingle has been a major part of marketing for over 60 years, dating back to the days of radio marketing. Even if it is annoying or badly written, you could still get the coveted effect of it sticking into the minds of listeners so that when they’re thinking about a service your name comes to mind. Popular musicians use this idea every day to get the listens they need to get by. I’m sure you can think of a few songs that you can’t stand and yet you know every single word of it because it has been pounded into your brain over the years. When Smash Mouth’s All Star opens up with “Some-“ there are not many people I know who don’t immediately finish the opening verse with “-body once told me…” Not to say Smash Mouth isn’t a musical and lyrical treasure, but that’s a different topic. The point is association with a jingle makes a huge difference, especially when paired with repetition.

How a Jingle Helps Your Business:

The most important aspect of jingle is its consistency and spread. Frequency of listens will get your jingle to the hot spot you’re looking for. A catchy tune or rhyme helps stick in the mind better, and this causes word of mouth. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, even if it is a serious medical business, jingles could have the power to help people rank your business higher on their personal list than others. The effect of word of mouth is so potent it could get you extra business with just one person listening to it. If someone is repeatedly singing your jingle to themselves (even without realizing it) then others will ask about the tune. Children or adults fall prey to this marketing strategy and the clever reference will give you free advertising that spreads like wildfire. Creating a jingle is a cheap strategy to promoting a business when you consider the payoff it could have for your business. So what are you waiting for, get started on your jingle today with Moonray Web Designs!

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