"I just wanted to drop you a note to say after 4 ½ years of having a partnership with Moonray Designs you always seem to keep amazing me with your staffs creative ways to communicate who, what and how we at Solid Rock Properties go to market. It is always nice to have relationship with a company that thinks outside the box and provides a very professional service.

Keep up the great work up and thank you for expanding Solid Rock’s opportunities in the market place with a first class web-site."

Toby Frye
Solid Rock Properties, LLC


"Moonray designs did a fabulous job on our web-site. They far exceeded anything I asked or imagined. At the point we started I was not even totally sure what I wanted and yet they captured it and made an awesome website for our children’s ministry. I started receiving phone calls from people interested in our ministry in less than a week after the site was up and running. I truly could not have been more pleased with their service."


Leanne Fontenot


"I must recognize and thank the wonderful staff at Moonray Web Designs. Scott is brilliant and enthusiastic, Frank is a creative genius with a great sense of humor, and Caylyn is meticulous and her attention to detail is unrivaled….plus, she’s just so sweet! Because of their legendary wizardry, they have taken my vision and created a sweet and simple masterpiece. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to them always!"


Jennifer Gammon
Keep It Simple Sweetee


"These geeks really know their stuff!"


Bob Ipock
Bob Ipock & Associates


"Scott, You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be telling everyone about you. Your professionalism and efficiency are remarkable. I cannot wait to get started on the art website."

Dina Lowery


"Scott, the website is awesome! I can tell why you do this! You are wonderful at it. I am really impressed! You took what little I had given to you and really made this website stand out!"


Christy Crowe
President, Carolina Mortgage Specialties


"From the first day that Scott came aboard our process of revamping our website we have found him to be no less than professional. He sat with us and answered all of our questions, making suggestions, but listening to us to find out exactly what we wanted our site to look like. We got the very best of both worlds with MoonRay in that we have a professional and well groomed site, but more than that, we have exactly the site we wanted.

Scott's attention to detail and his faithful and timely updates keep us looking our best and allow us to present a dynamic image for our parish that says "there is life here." We get several compliments a week from members and web surfers alike."


Dr. Frank W. King
Icon Video


"Scott...You would not believe the positive feedback we are getting on the site. We are also getting orders!! It looks so good!"


Beverly Rodgers


"Carpenters Real Estate has been in business for over 25 years. We are a full service real estate company, with 2 offices, 14 agents. The services we provide include development, new construction, consultants, residential and commercial listings, rentals, property management, brokers price opinions etc.

Thanks to the expert advice we received from Moonray Designs we have expanded our marketing world wide on the internet. Moonray's design of our web page and maintenance of our web page has made a positive difference in our sales, inquiries and therefore our bottom line.

Moonray's service to us helped us find a client in San Francisco, California, sell the customer a house over the net and believe it or not the customer never saw the house until after closing. Each day we have e-mails from potential clients who read our ads on the internet.

Our thanks to Moonray Designs for their expertise, constant support to us when we need help."

Dean Carpenter



"Scott at MoonRay Designs is the champion of websites. My computer skills were zero. I gave him a try because of a referral, and it was great to get someone who can over-deliver. I'm the CEO of two companies with 30 years of sales experience and Scott is extremely talented to work with in designs and understanding the target audience I wanted to reach. My recommendation is to go for it before his fees get too high for you. Good luck."

Tom McPhaul

W. C. Seminars


"I told the guys at MoonRay Designs that I would like to give them a testimonial. They told me to keep it short, about two or three sentences. Sorry guys, I can't! I have a story that I HAVE to tell everybody!

Before I came to MoonRay, I went to a BIG national web design company. I could tell right away that they were only trying to impress me with how much they knew, not trying to help me. I just about choked when they told me how much ONE page would cost. I started to go home and forget about the idea I had for a website.

Instead I looked in the phone book and gave MoonRay a call. These guys REALLY impressed me! They listened to my thoughts and worked with me to get me online, and when they told me the price, I almost fell out of my chair (of course, I didn't let them know that!).

QUALITY at a more than reasonable price is what you can expect from these guys. They're easy to work with and they LISTEN! They're MY web design company. I won't go anywhere else. Period."

Dave L. Riding

Dallas Station


"Allow me to say again how pleased I am with the website. You have truly gone the extra mile. As Og Mandino says, going the extra mile is an essential element in success. Thanks!"

Rob McCarter